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KQ042 Premium Engine Air Filter Replacement 17801-YZZ05 17801-0T030

KQ042 Premium Engine Air Filter Replacement 17801-YZZ05 17801-0T030

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Product description
Better Performance & Efficiency:
Studies have shown that fuel economy can be improved by 14% with a clean air filter.
Mikkuppa air filter improves the quality and quantity of clean air entering the engine, this improves the engine performance and efficiency.

Fitment Vehicle Reference:


2009-2017 Toyota Corlla L4 1.8L
2017-2017 Toyota Corlla IM L4 1.8L
2009-2014 Toyota Matrix L4 1.8L
2007-2017 Toyota Yaris L4 1.5L


2016-2016 Scion IM L4 1.8L
2009-2014 Scion XD L4 1.8L


2009-2010 Pontiac VIBE L4 1.8L

? Dimensions: 9.50" x 6.93" x 2.05"

Installation Instructions:
1. Use proper protective gear.
2. Loosen wing nut or other fasteners to remove filter cover.
3. Remove old air filter.
4. Clean filter cover and housing using a shop vacuum.
5. Install new air filter. Be sure it is sealed around the perimeter.
6. Replace cover and fasten.

Extended Engine Life:
¡ù Small particles of dust or sand can cause damage to internal parts such as pistons and cylinders.
¡ù Regularly changing the air filters is an inexpensive way to extend the life of an engine.

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