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Iridium IX Spark Plug - 12681655, K6RIU- Pack of 4

Iridium IX Spark Plug - 12681655, K6RIU- Pack of 4

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for AUDI, OEM: 101905611A, BKR6EIX, 6418
1996-2006 A4

1998-2001 A6

2001-2005 Allroad Quattro

2000-2002 2004-2006 TT

2000-2006 TT Quattro

You may not know much about TORCH currently, Never mind and quality will prove strength.
TORCH Super Spark Plug, manufactured by a famous global company with 58 years experience in this field. Sell more than 3,400,000,000PCS of spark plugs.

TORCH Spark Plug has advanced technology and only adopt good quality raw materials.

We are dedicated to making TORCH Spark Plug be a reliable partner of US consumers, by providing high-quality products and good services.

Project step-by-step
Step 1: Remove extras and clean your work area: Blow away the crud

Step 2: Remove the ignition coil and/or boot

Step 3: Unscrew the plug

Step 4: Gap the plugs

Step 5: Install the new plug: Use the proper amount of torque

Step 6: Lube the spark plug boot and button it up

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