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KQ127 (CA11895) Engine Air Filter, for 2016-2018 Toyota

KQ127 (CA11895) Engine Air Filter, for 2016-2018 Toyota

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Product description
Better Performance & Efficiency
Studies have shown that fuel economy can be improved by 14% with a clean air filter.
Mikkuppa air filter improves the quality and quantity of clean air entering the engine, this improves the engine performance and efficiency.

Fitment Vehicle Reference:
2014-2018 Toyota Sequoia
2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma
2013-2019 Toyota Tundra

Dimensions: 11.69 ¡± x 10.12¡± x 2.36¡±

Installation Instructions:
1. Use proper protective gear.
2. Loosen wing nut or other fasteners to remove filter cover. Remove old air filter.
3. Clean filter cover and housing using a shop vacuum.
4. Install new air filter. Be sure it is sealed around the perimeter.
5. Replace cover and fasten.

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