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Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat,Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom

Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat,Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom

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Product description

Natural Diatomaceous Earth:
Once the bath mat absorbs a certain amount of water, it will naturally dissipate the moisture as it. no matter how wet your feet are, the wet footprints will disappear within 60 seconds.

» Size: 23.6" x 15.7" x 0.4"
» Color: beige
» 1 x diatomaceous earth bath mat
» 1 x sandpaper

Washing instructions:
- Ordinary stains: wipe with a towel dampened with water.
- Stubborn stains: use the sandpaper sent inside the product, and polish it in the stain.
- If the water absorption is weakened, please place the vents and let the internal water evaporate to restore the water absorption.

※ Do not expose the product to the sun.
※ This bath mat is hard and sleek, it's not soft and fluffy.
※ Please use the product barefoot, it is easier to maintain hygiene.
※ Avoid dropping colored liquid into the product, leaving stains.
※ When unpacking, there will be a trace amount of powder on the surface of the product, which is normal in the material, non-product problems.

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