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MIKKUPPA Model 3 Door Sill Protector

MIKKUPPA Model 3 Door Sill Protector

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Product description
MIKKUPPA Door Sill Protector without altering the look or design of your model 3 door sill.
They absorb and remove scratches, minimize wear and tear, and keep out dirt and debris, keeping your door sills looking good as new.

- Item Name: MIKKUPPA Model 3 Door Sill Protector
- Fit for: Tesla Model 3
- Quantity: pack of 2
- Condition: 100% Brand New
- Material: TPU

Installation Steps:
1. Wipe the door sills with a damp cloth.
2. Compare the size of the Door Sill Protector position.
3. Tear the membrane and gently press it in the alignment position.
4. Use the card (Cover a layer of cloth to avoid scratching the protective film) to drive out the bubbles in the film.
Scrape from the middle to the sides, until the bubbles disappear completely, the installation is successful.

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