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Oxygen Sensor - O2 Sensor XL3Z-9F472-AA Front Rear

Oxygen Sensor - O2 Sensor XL3Z-9F472-AA Front Rear

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Product description
MIKKUPPA Oxygen Sensor must pass a rigorous professional practice loading test before sale and shipment.
Reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions, extend expensive catalytic converter life.
2001 2002 2005 2006 Ford Expedition
2001-2011 Ford Ranger
2001-2008 Ford F-150
1999-2010 Ford Explorer
2001-2006 Lincoln Navigator
O2 Sensor Feature:
? Oxygen sensor constructed from high quality stainless steel.
? Stable performance & longer service life.
? 100% Rigorous tested before on sale & shipment.
? Meet the professional specification as OEM standard.
Oxygen Sensor Installation Steps:
- Disconnect the negative battery cable.
- Apply penetrating oil to the base of the sensor.
- Turn the sensor counterclockwise using an open-end wrench or an oxygen sensor socket.
- Remove the O2 sensor.
- Installing the oxygen sensor.
- Reconnect the battery negative cable.
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