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Rear Wiper Arm Blade Assembly, for 2009-2017 VW Golf GTI

Rear Wiper Arm Blade Assembly, for 2009-2017 VW Golf GTI

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Product description
MIKKUPPA Upgraded Version Rear wiper provide the original equipment quality design for vehicles originally installed with composite rear blade technology.

2009-2012 Volkswagen Golf6
2012-2017 Volkswagen Golf7

Package Includes:
? 1 x Rear Wiper Arm
? 1 x Rear Wiper Cover
? 1 x Rear Wiper Blade

- Length of blade: 12" (280mm)
- Connector: Wiper arm connector use copper material
- Surface: Surface paint treatment, antiaging. To prevent the wiper turn into white in insolation
- Material: Arm: Use 100% PBT with 30% Pb, It makes the wiper more hard

Product Features:
Quality composite rear blade solution that meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturers¡¯ standards.
Designed to fit unique rear blade wiper arms found on many newer vehicles.
Helps enhance rear windshield visibility easy to install.

¡ù Please read all description & size before ordering the product.

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