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Rear Wiper Arm Blade Assembly, for 2012-2015 Honda CRV

Rear Wiper Arm Blade Assembly, for 2012-2015 Honda CRV

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Product description
MIKKUPPA Rear wiper provide the original equipment quality design for vehicles originally installed with composite rear blade technology

2012-2015 Honda CRV

Package Include:
? 1 x Rear Wiper Arm
? 1 x Rear Wiper Cover
? 1 x Rear Wiper Blade

- Length of blade: 13" (330mm)
- Connector: Wiper arm connector use copper material
- Surface: Surface paint treatment, antiaging. To prevent the wiper turn into white in insolation
- Material: Use 100% PBT with 30% Pb, It makes the wiper more hard

Product Features:
Quality composite rear wiper blade
Designed to fit unique rear blade wiper arms found on many newer vehicles
Rear wiper kit can help enhance rear windshield visibility easy to install

¡ù Lease read all description & size before ordering the product

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