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Iridium Spark Plug, 90919-01247, 90919-A1002

Iridium Spark Plug, 90919-01247, 90919-A1002

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fit for BMW, OEM: LFR6AIX-11 - 6619
2006-2007 BMW 525i

2006-2007 BMW 530xi

2007-2009 BMW X3

2007-2009 BMW X5

2006-2009 BMW Z4

How often should spark plugs be replaced?
A common question for many vehicle owners is "When should I change my spark plugs?"
Well, not all spark plugs are rated for 100,000 miles. In fact, some car makers recommend replacement at 30,000-mile intervals.

So always follow the spark plug service intervals shown in your owner¡¯s manual to figure out when to replace spark plugs.

If you can¡¯t remember when you last changed your spark plugs, you can pull them and check the gap and their condition.

Project step-by-step
Step 1: Remove extras and clean your work area: Blow away the crud

Step 2: Remove the ignition coil and/or boot

Step 3: Unscrew the plug

Step 4: Gap the plugs

Step 5: Install the new plug: Use the proper amount of torque

Step 6: Lube the spark plug boot and button it up

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